Friday, September 5, 2014

Be Kind to Zombies, They Are People Too

Team Cosplay for the WIN! If you are any type of fan of people watching Salt Lake Comic Con is winning. Lagoon and Walmart watch out! Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplayers have gone above and beyond what they did for Fan X earlier in the year. We have literally seen everyone from Spiderman to Sharknado. Yes.. they were a tornado with sharks all over them… and it was amazing!  

Jamie and I are running around crazy doing all sorts of fun stuff but the internet connection on our phones has been so bogged down by all the traffic that nothing is posting. Sad emoji. So we will make up for it with a post overload next week :) 
Today's celebrity favorite awards go to:

Ron Perlman 
Alan Tudyk 

Stay tuned for our action packed weekend in the following days. 

This outfit was super comfy and chill. All the while supporting our fellow Comic Con zombie lovers. Enjoy :)

I said:
"Let's pretend I see a zombie!"
Terrifying… clearly there was no Zombie.

Zombies Crop Tee// Aero
Black Tank// Downeast Basics
Boyfriend Jeans// AE
Black Pumps// Rue 21 (In Store)

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