Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I"m Going To Go Ahead and Pat Myself on the Back for This One. {Fancy Shmancy Picture Frame TUT}

Because I'm convinced I came up with this one on my own!  I haven't seen it anywhere else in Blogland so I am going to give my own brain credit for this one :)
I'm working on a relationship timeline collage to go above our headboard like seen HERE. I seriously cannot wait for it to be finished!
I was going to need frames and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money and was too lazy to take a trip to the DI. So to the basement I went to play with leftover chair railing and a chop saw.
 Awesome. Except for my first-time-cutting-wood-at-an-angle skills. :/ It had character but I wasn't satisfied. So I was trying to think how I could mask the gaps in the corners. Then all of a sudden
It hit me! You know those vases that are on pinterest where they decorated them with glue and then just spray painted over it? You know these ones....
courtesy of Sugar and Cloth
I figured why can't you do the same to a plain jane picture frame? 
So... I used my glue gun because I was way to impatient to wait for elmers glue or puffy paint to dry. 

I probably should have made another frame with the other said glues and used those pictures for a tutorial but I was way to excited to show you guys!

I tried drawing the lines on with pencil first so I could just trace them but I wasn't loving the design so I just grabbed the glue gun and randomly went at it! 
 A glue gun works fine but it doesn't turn out as "neat" as the other glues would. It dries fast and leaves strings and doesn't come out in perfect streams. Or maybe that is just MY glue gun? I dunno...Anyway
 Since this is going on my bedroom wall I put the word love on it. Also to pay homage to where my idea sparked from ;)
 I went outside and spray painted the frame. (Yes, away from the cars honey) and I LOVED how it turned out. I have so many ideas that I can do to my plain frames. I think if you really take the time to use the better glue and put your artistic work into it, you would come up with some pretty darn beautiful frames!
This was my Hubster's boutonniere from our wedding. It had been lying around in my jewelry since that beautiful day...awwww. I know, it looks pretty sad but it means a lot. I adhered some burlap onto the back of it and pinned it on. (I got the idea for the burlap from the blog Always Chasing Life)

RUN! Go try this right now! After you have, PLEASE send me pictures! I would love to see what you all come up with. The possibilities are endless. So go turn those boring frames into something unique.


  1. Great idea! My mind is racing with ideas of how I can use this now... :)

  2. Pretty genius use of materials! Love the outcome! :)

  3. awesome.. could you imagine doing this to a CAR???? (did your husband just faint?) :D

  4. Wow awesome Sheena!!! Once the little one arrives I want to start getting crafty! Love this idea!

  5. I HATE that we always have the same ideas when it comes to home decor. I love the timeline idea and had it in mind, but I must wait to use all my wit and craftiness for my next home. Where the walls are bare, the paint is fresh and anything is possible. I am thinking that my birthday is coming up and I would love a frame!

  6. Hi! I'm your newest follower, I found you through Pinterest for your Maxi skirt tutorial. You've got some super cute stuff here, I love the picture frame! Nice job!