Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thoughts- By Trinity

Hey Ya'll! I just wanted to introduce you to someone I adore. Trinity is my SIL that has an eloquent way with words. Her posts are candid, humorous, helpful, and a great read! I'm going to allow her to take the reins over here every once in a while but you can check out her blog and almost daily posts over at Random Thoughts whenever you like! 
So without further a due, here is Trinity-

Hello!  I am Trinity and this is my husband Andrew.  We have been married for eight years next month.  We have two very handsome boys whom we adore.  Our family is complete and ending at four.  After multiple questions and or comments from curious neighbors and friends.  I have decided to tell our story.  How we became 'us' and how we stay 'us'.  My blog is not destined for marital advice (although there may be some) however, it is a place for me to put down the randomness of my thoughts in words and life in between.  I am a writer at heart.  When my boys venture off to school I hope to do the same.  I am leaning towards a degree in journalism (I have much too learn so don't judge too harshly) or criminal justice.  Complete opposites, but that is what sparks my interest.  Maybe I could just combine the two and journal for crime scenes or law enforcement or be a reporter? 

 You see, all the comments/questions about my marriage stem from the same place; I am an active member of the LDS church and Andrew well, he is more of a spiritual soul whom does not want to belong to any sort of organized church.  He lives by his own standards and beliefs.  Some just don't see how that can work.

There is common ground that our relationship is built upon and that is mutual respect and love.  Why am I going in to such detail?  This is my latest post... Enjoy.

13 years ago, I was the new girl.  The first time I walked the halls of Bonneville High School were on the very first day of school.  I was destined to be a Northridge Knight, but my parents were adamant that their children be taught in Weber county.  We had a few issues with Davis county where my little brother and I attended Sunset Jr. and my older brother attended Northridge High.  Therefore, my parents put our house up for sale and began driving us to school since we lived in South Weber at the beginning of the school year.

I was a little nervous to start high school, I didn't know where my classes were, I didn't know anyone for that matter, but I was outgoing and good at making friends.  My first friend was Anna.  We lockered right by one another and began chatting immediately.  Anna was also new and this too was her very first day at Bonneville.  We supported one another through the first day. 

I was eager to arrive to each one of my classes as one of the first students so I could be sure to find a seat and be on time.  Mrs. Whitby's computer class is where I saw THE cutest boy ever.  He walked in and my heart skipped a beat or two.  He wandered over and sat down right next to me and I immediately focused my gaze straight ahead.   Too scared to look directly at him and too scared to breathe, I barely moved an inch.  Class ended and my heart proceeded to it's normal rhythm.  I walked to my next class with a little more bounce in my step.  As fate would have it that dreamy boy walked in to my very next class also which was History with Mr. Borup.  I later found out that his name was Andrew Powell and he was single; much to my surprise and a sophomore just like me.

School came to an end and my mom was out in the parking lot eagerly awaiting and fearing possible tears from the first day of high school.  Instead, I came out with an enormous smile.  I had to avoid running to the car to spill about my day and the cute boy whom sat next to me; me of all people.

To Be Continued...

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