Friday, December 5, 2014

Favsies Friday- Christmas List Edition PT1

What up babes! Welcome to our Christmas edition Part 1. I'll be telling you what's on my Christmas list today and then check back  for Jamie's list next week!
I have to brag for a minute real quick. For the first time in.... well, ever, 
I tell myself every year that I will finish early, but without fail, my husband and I both find ourselves out shopping on Christmas Eve. 
I hate it. 
This year, thanks to Amazon, I finished this week. 
And it feels soooooo good!! When do you normally finish your shopping? My husband and I are the best procrastinators.
OK, bragging over. 
Here is what is on my list this year. We would love to hear what you are asking for! Some of the things on my list are on sale too.
Ch Ch Check it out-

-Sheena's Christmas List-

I have those stupid white bumps on the backs of my arms and I heard that this little miracle worker helps with those along with giving your face a baby's bottom makeover. I want.

Use code CYBER10 for 10%off!

I have been eyeing these for a while now. So many adorable fashion bloggers have made me fall in love with them. These boots actually just might make me like winter a little. Just a little.
Hunter boots are 30% off right now at Piperlime when you use code WINTERCHIC
That  makes them $110.33 shipped!

If you haven't guessed by now, I am an American Eagle Junkie. Their clothes always last me forever and are appropriately priced. I seriously have one of their hoodies STILL that I wore in high school. I won't get rid of it. You can't make me. 

Ahh Baseball tees, how I love thee. But you probably already know that if you remember my post about spending $100 on one. Sigh.... never again. That is why I am so happy that this one is only $29.96. AE frequently sends out %s off so if you wait a bit you could get this shirt for even less. 

I've got #2 (my inner adolescent just snickered a little) and I love it! But I need some more options! And if you are a VIB member, you probably got a coupon for $20 off $50. If you used that on an Urban Decay Palette that would make it only $34! 

That pretty much sums it up. IG always makes me realize I want/need much more, but these are top 5.

If you were scrolling IG today you probably saw me post about these bites of heaven. Here is the recipe. Make them now, thank me later! You will feel like the Martha Stewart of the party that you bring these too. Promise!

My absolute favorite holiday treat are these 
These are worth it. WORTH IT.
If you've never checked out Shelly over at Cookies and Cups then you must! She is my go-to treat source. Even over Pinterest. She is THAT good! I have never made one of her treats and not have it turn out. That is crucial for someone like me who always "experiments" with recipes for large crowds.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday filled with the Spirit! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!


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