Monday, November 24, 2014

Impromptu Photo Sesh + My Favorite Slouchy Knit Beanie

Sundays are the best days. Not only because we are spiritually refueled, but because it is the one day that we get to completely enjoy each others company. For the most part, life slows down for a brief moment. 
Sometimes those moments need to be documents and out comes the camera for a mini sesh. You don't need a photographer. All you need is a camera, some natural light, and and inspiring muse. This little nugget was all the inspiration I needed in her comfy GAP sweats. I love the detail on the little jacket shoulders. 

 She is in love with "MIMI" (Minnie) right now and occasionally i'll hear her sweet little voice calling for "FIA" (Sophia the First)
 Seriously, she could store our winters food supply in those cheeks. I LOVE it! 

 The bond between mother and daughter in indescribable. I love my boys to the moon and back, but there is something, a twinkle in her eye, a feeling that rocks me to the core, a heavenly bond. I feel like she has been with me waaay longer than her little lifetime! I knew she was coming before I even saw those double lines. Having a daughter is equally gratifying as it is terrifying. My relationship with my mom has been the root of those feelings...but that is another post.
 I love anything comfy-cozy and this beanie from Target is all that + the chips! They have a great selection if you keep missing all your favorites from the boutiques. Can I just tell you that it has taking me almost 30 years to feel comfortable in a beanie? I instantly felt like I should lower my voice and start hunting or something. In other words, manly. Maybe its the whole confidence with age thing. 

 The Mr. decided to join in. Doesn't he look adorable snuggling with Minnie? ha ha 
I sure do love this man. He is a Godsend for putting up with me and all my crazy. He hates the spotlight and I love just works. 
 Let's talk about boyfriend socks. I like to call them hubby socks. Where have these been all these winters??  This is one trend I am tardy for the party for. They are my new favorite winter staple. Best of all..if you don't want to buy them I'm sure you could just go raid your significant other's drawers. Just stay away from the unmentionables. 
Don't worry. I'll never grow up and I plan on rocking latest fashions until I'm 80+. Even if that makes it UN-fashionable. I don't care what consensus says. But then again... I never have.

Slouchy Knit Beanie// Target
Plaid Chiffon Top// Rue 21
Faux Fur Vest// Brickyard Buffalo
Pants// Kohls
Boyfriend Socks// Kohls 


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