Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Last Monday night!

A few months ago, (meaning January) Sheena and I bought floor seats to the lovely Katy Perry.  We had both been to her California Dreams tour and loved it.  So this was a no-brainer!  We thought we might just sell one of our pairs and go together, that was until we found out our cute husbands wanted to go.  Let me just tell you, there were plenty of husbands at this concert!

As per usual, Katy was phenom.  We felt like we were at the most amazing awards show the entire time.  This girl keeps you guessing and there were surprises around every corner.  Our floor seats were maybe 6 feet away from her the entire time.  She was standing directly in front of us and we figured it was our own concert!  Now what do we always say?  Don't be jealous, do something about it!  Next time- get yourself some tix and join us.  We would love to see you beauties there.  
Hopefully Taylor Swift happens soon. 
We have become iPhone pic people(probably more than we should), so love us just even though we are a bit fuzzy.

Jamie & Sheena

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