Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Temple Fit for a King

Whether or not it is the first time, another time, or the last time you will attend an LDS Temple, it is definitely a trip worth making. The Ogden Temple is truly a masterpiece. A Temple fit for a King.  I love the fact that our church allows to de-mystify the Temple and let anyone who want to see welcome inside before the dedication. So come! Come see what us crazy Mormons are doing inside these super secret walls! ha ha… Although sacred, it is not secret people. 
We took our kids to see it yesterday and I was reminded why there is an age requirement to attend Temple sessions. Listen- don't get me wrong, I am 1000% happy to see my entire family in the Temple for the first time. That was amazing. But that was hard. Let's just say that hudson decided to make himself at home right inside the President's office. Pretty much doing all but licking the stain glass windows.  However I heard through the grapevine that a child had gotten a bloody nose in the celestial room so I left with the great attitude of "It could have been worse". If you haven't heard about the Celestial room, it basically is a room made up of beautiful crystal chandeliers, white carpet, white everything really, and pretty glass adornments that are similar to a bull seeing red for children. 
Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. Heavenly is more like it. 
We parked out car and made out way to the Tabernacle, which has also been redone. After waiting in a short line we were ushered into a room where we watched a 10min video on the history of Temples and some commentary from The Quorum. (Church Leaders)
After that it was time to see the temple. The boys immediately noticed Angel Moroni. (The gold statue that tops LDS temples) The tour allows the public to take a look into where Baptisms for the Dead are performed, Temple Sealings, Inititory Rooms, Offices, Endowments, and all the details that went into making the Temple a place of true beauty and peace. I fell in love with all the artwork that lined the walls. The pictures of Christ had a way of making you feel right at home. The whole tour from start to finish took about an hour. 
Even though it was hard for my littles to understand the "no touching" concept, I am so glad that they got to walk through hand in hand with their Father and I. I can only imagine after our time on Earth is finished that our family with be joined once again in a place of such beauty. A place fit for Kings and Queens. 

To reserve tickets to view the Temple Open House go HERE
(If you don't have reservations you can still go! They have a stand by line that doesn't take long. Just make sure you try to be there earlier in the day because security shuts the doors at 8:15 sharp!)
If you aren't able to attend you can view pictures of the inside of the Temple HERE
To learn more about the LDS faith go HERE


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