Saturday, January 18, 2014

New year..New Blogging Goals...

Blah Blah Blah and all that Jazz. I wonder how many blogs are started/re-started in January? Here's to adding to the masses :) I really want to do this for realsies. I have tried and tried but I just can't commit. Its like my High School relationships..or diets..or gym visits. You get the idea. So since everyone and their dog is doing it, (seriously..even inanimate objects can uphold a blog better than me) I am going to do this.....again. I promise. Swear. It's going to work! These are going to be my social media goals this year. I am sharing them with you so the entire Internet can hold me accountable. Yikers....

  1.  One post a week. (baby steps my friends)
  2.  Keep up on FB, IG, & T
  3.  Not pigeon hole myself. This brand will be ALL things go. 
  4.  Try not to overload you all with my super cute kids ;) 
  5.  Keep the kids first. I love I.R. but it is not above them. 
  6.  Be successful in this endeavor that really has no real destination. What?! I can't limit myself        people... I may sell headbands one week and then be over it the next. So get them while you can! ha ha....seriously. 
  7. Upgrade the blog

I hope to get to know all you other lovely bloggers and if you have any tips for this lifestyle then by all means do share! I plan on blogging this year about Hair, make-up, (just wait until I introduce you to Jameson) fashion, kids, a recipe here and there, being a mom, and whatever else floats my boat.
So here is to the same thing we all pretty much toasted to this year- NEW BEGINNINGS!
You may start placing your bets now to how long I will last. However I must warn you...I have nothing better to do between the hours of 12am-2am when I can't sleep ;)
Welcome back to Individual Rivalry. I hope we grow together and have a fabulous time doing it.
Love Love!

Now for Trinity- She is an AWESOME writer. Clearly, she did not write this post. She is in the process of getting her home on the market but she will be joining as soon as possible! Im excited for you all to get to know her! She and I have different fashion senses so it will be great for diversity. And for you DIY home decorators, she has an AMAZING eye. 
I think we both will be able to bring great stuff to the table and keep ya'll entertained. So stay tuned!


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