Thursday, June 28, 2012

Color Blocking

I don't know how all those blogging ladies do a post everyday while maintaing a household. I have good intentions! However, somedays I just don't feel like doing anything! ha ha So I guess everyone in while if you pop in there may or may not be a special gem of a "NEW" post waiting for your viewing pleasure :).

I wanted to do a post on color blocking. I know it really took off last fall, but hey I DO live in Utah, what do ya do. I am in lurrrve. I think color blocking is one of those styles that you look at and go "that's cute, but I could never wear that". Or maybe you are just genetically awesome and wear whatever you want. Whatever the case it, ANYONE can rock color blocking. While reading on it it said that color blocking is not for short people. Man, do they EVER create any styles with us in mind? No, because standard hight for a model is AT LEAST 5'8". I think thats a load of crap. I put together this outfit and I wore the heck out of it I think! I'm a small 5'4", 5'4 1/2" on a good day ;). There is nothing a good pair of heals won't fix!

Nude basic T from Bohme
Coral Blazer from H&M
Aqua skinnies from Hollister
and these HOT nude pumps by Vera Wang from Kohls

It took me a while to actually wear that outfit. I was nervous about what others would think. But then I put it on and I felt confident AND cute. I think thats all that really matters. I had been looking for a bright colored blazer for a long time. So I was pretty stoked with I found this one for a steal at $25.

This is what they had to say on what exactly "color blocking" is:
This season's big trend of color blocking takes bold opposites on the color wheel (as Ogi mentions, complementary colors), and puts them together for the widest contrast possible.  The only other extreme color block combination is black/white. 

So, primary colors on the color wheel are red, blue and yellow; secondary colors are purple (a mixture of blue/red), green (yellow/blue), and orange (red/yellow).  The optimal color block scheme would be to take a red, mix it with a green, and add a third color (as in the first photo). 

Basically I gathered that it is blocking solid prints together to make an outfit. Here are some examples. Some cute..some a little (or lot) of "EH".

Blogger Kitty Cotten from Minneapolis breaks it down in this video. Watch and learn. 

So, does the cat in the middle of the wheel represent animal prints? ha ha. Hilarious. watching that kind of made me think of this:

Moving On...

So what do you guys think? Have you already tried color blocking? What is your experience with it? Or do you think it is absolutely ridiculous? Im sure it won't be around too much longer, but in the mean time I'm going to have fun with it! Who's with me? ;)

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  1. I love it! Looks so good and I love the pants with the jacket. Someone had a good idea.