Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Spring Cleaning and Family History

I think I might have fallen off of the face of the earth the past few weeks. Just ask my friends and family. I grew another one of those wild hairs and decided to get started on my family genealogy. IT CONSUMED ME! I literally went to bed with visions of ancestors dancing around in my head. Maybe next post will be a little on doing your OWN genealogy! Is that lame? It might sound that way but I can tell you that it is very exciting not knowing who or what you are going to find next. How about your great grandmother's birth certificate that no one living has ever seen? And finding out she was born right where you grew up? AMAZING!

I have also been on a bit of a spring cleaning kick. It started when we sold our dining room table and I lifted up the rug that was under it that hadn't been moved for 2 1/2 years. Check this out...

NIce looking tile and grout. Then I looked at the rest of the floor.

Look at that!
Do you see this? DISGUSTING! I promise we are not filthy people. Or are we? It's been 3 years this month since we moved in this house and we have never cleaned our grout. I've really never thought about it. It wasn't until I saw what my grout was SUPPOSED to look like that I was completely grossed out and spent 6 HOURS on a saturday with these:

Grout Magic from Lowes and a stiff bristle brush (plastic, NOT wire! The wire will remove your grout!)
You spray it on, lead it sit for 5 minutes, scrub it, wipe it up with a warm wet rag, and then mop your floors with whatever you like to use. It worked pretty well I think. It was just a lot a of work. I couldn't even go to church the next day because my back was killing me! My guess is that if we had been better about cleaning our grout that it wouldn't of been such a project. Are there any special remedies you use?


Ha ha, SOOOOOOO gross!. 


How often do you guys clean your grout? We mop regularly, but had never cleaned what lies between. I honestly couldn't see myself doing this more than once a year. If you are a 16 year old kid and wanting to start a business, boy do I have an idea for you! ;) I'd do it, but I'm too dang old and my back and knees would divorce me. 
I think I could seriously lick my floors right now and wouldn't bat an eye. 


  1. My parents got out of having this problem by grouting with a dark grout. Now you can't tell it's dirty! (which is gross if you think about it.) Z. and I are about to buy a house and it's the little things like that that I worry about. I'm gonna have to pay for a really good cleaning lady before I move into a house.

  2. Wow, Sheena, you took on a big job as you had a large area to clean. It looks BEAUTIFULLLLL! Love you, Sweetheart! ;o)

  3. WOW! Your grout looks amazing. I have never cleaned my grout and we have lived here for 8 years this December. I clean my floors also, but never get in between. Maybe I should? Anyways, I think it would be amazing to do a post on how to find ancestors!