Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

How was every one's V day? I think we did pretty well considering that we have 2 kids now. We knew that  there was no way we were going to find a babysitter on Valentine's Day so we made the best out of what we could do at home. Besides, I couldn't spend all my time with Kyle when I had two other Valentine's that I said yes to ;). So we had these DELICIOUS Grilled BBQ Hot Dogs.

Seriously don't knock 'em til' you try 'em. The coleslaw and pickles throw ya off but the combination together is amazing.

Then my darling Husband had gone to the store after work and surprised us with sparkling grape juice and all the stuff we need to make our own chocolate fondue. (Sorry no pictures. My camera was the last thing on my mind while I was inhaling all the deliciousness I could stand.) He just googled how to make your own fondue chocolate and then we dunked marshmallows, brownie bites, and bananas. Boom. Valentine fun for the whole family.
I always tell him I don't want flowers on Valentine's Day because that's an easy gift and it is expected. But I never can help but smile and get all excited like a 16 year old when I open my door to these...

I know right? Stunning. They are from Signature Floral in Ogden, Utah. They did our wedding flowers and I have never been disappointed. Not even once. And my buds ALWAYS bloom. He got me my favorite flower, Lilies. When I die can I just be surrounded by them? I swear they just do something to my soul. In fact maybe I will try my green thumb (ha ha, yah right, it's black really..) and plant them in my garden this spring. Can they even grow in Utah? I suck at gardening and honestly don't know a thing about it. My sweet grandma, who lives in Kansas, came to my house last summer and planted my ENTIRE garden. Yup. I'm THAT good.

Now for any of you that have not bought a silhouette yet. Maybe this can motivate you. It will change your life! It has definitely changed mine. My husband has been skeptical of the machine and it's worth until yesterday when I made him this from scratch.

This, my friends, is an entire card I made from scratch. It took me maaaaaybe 10 minutes. Now I know all you scrapbookers are like "so what?" "big deal!". But I don't have patience to cut out crap by hand and use a million different hand punches and stamps. With just a few clicks I was able to make the envelope, card, even all the cute writing and mail stamp. All in the comfort of my own home. No standing in front of a card section with screaming kids for a hour while I try to find the perfect card. I was able to make it especially for him and know that no other man on earth got the same one. Unless we have some weird doppleganger type thing going on. (sorry, yes I do love me some Vampire Diaries)
Anyway, when I handed it to him he said 

HIM: "did you make this?" 

ME: "ya, with that "useless" purchase ha ha" 

HIM: "Even the envelope? Like it even does the folding lines? You really made the WHOLE thing?"

ME: "Yes! The whole thing"

HIM: " didn't know it did that, that's pretty cool!"

Then I laughed and shook my head. It only took a year but I think I finally convinced him as to why I needed it! 
I have the Silhouette SD but they have a newer machine out now called the Silhouette CAMEO that actually cuts 12" wide instead on the 9" like mine. You can get yours here.
Seriously check it out, it can even cut fabric ;)
Oh and P.S. I am not getting payed for my thoughts on their products, I just love them that much! 

This was the inside of the card. I made him a punch card from
They have all sorts of fun printables for date nights.

All in all it was a dang good day. Just spent with my Valentine's. I certainly love them so dang much. That is one of the great things being in a house full of boys. I sure get spoiled :)

I can't even handle this picture and all the cuteness it contains. 

Does anyone else watch Glee? I was watching their latest ep. last night when I was cought off guard. I found out I have a strange attraction to dudes with tattoos and dreds! Sometimes I think my brain still thinks I am 18 ha ha. Weird.
Anyway, check out the newest member of the glee cast Joe in this awesome rendition of "Stereo Hearts". 

Stay tuned for Friday when we chat about what to do with those greasy bangs.


  1. Sheena, like I always say, God has blessed you with so much talent. The picture of the boys is AWESOME! We love you all.

    Grandpa & Grandma Terry ;o)

  2. I don't think I'll ever get over my obsession with long haired, tattooed boys (which is a good thing if you saw my husband) :)
    Also, those hot dogs looked awesome but I love pickles! Glad you had such a loving Valentines Day, I agree it's nicer when you have so many boys around to shower you with love.